"We have a sneaky feeling that young SWF might just end up a rock star. The charismatic Brooklyn song man makes the kind of warm, mellow, scruffy rock & roll that you can't help but fall for on first listen." - Time Out New York

"Packed with one meaningful, uplifting, and impassioned track after the other, SWF is clearly an artist to watch." - Huffington Post

"...one of the most fascinating releases of 2013." - Artist Direct

"Created with earnest conviction, Let It Be Told is a recording of one man’s soul that inspires and rocks at the same time." - Earbuddy

"Tracks like “Black & Golden”, “Automobile Blues”, and “Warrior” would make easy candidates for any song of the year list, but the album, as a piece, is a nearly perfect work. Let It Be Told transcends discussions about impressive debuts simply because it is hard to believe an album this good could possibly have been a first effort. " - Buzz & Howl




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